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But don't worry; Hyolyn is still very much a K-pop singer, seamlessly blending a multitude of musical styles into each of her songs. Her latest batch of singles -- "Paradise," "One Step" with Jay Park, and "Love Like This" with Dok2-- will definitely be the highlights of her set at SXSW. Luna Lee Rock music looks a bit different with Luna Lee thanks to hergayageum, a traditional Korean stringed instrument. The musician -- who regularly uploads covers of classic rock to YouTube --blends rock, blues, and pop with the ambient sound of the gayageum to create modern-sounding songs with a throwback feel. For her SXSWdebut, Lee will also work witha backing band to provide an even more dynamic show. Neon Bunny The ethereal electro pop of Neon Bunny makes her one of South Korea's most talented youngfemale indie artists, thanks to her music's ability to reflect the creative essence of Seoul -- a little hectic, a bit lackadaisical, and always progressing towards something new. She's embraced a wide range of sounds over the years, from '80s new wave to jazz, in pursuit of her dreamy pop sound and is a fan favorite. No Brain Celebrating their 20th year, No Brain is considered the foundation upon which the rest of Korea's punk scene rests upon thanks to their progressive music style and refusal to be complacent with the state of music in the country. Their raw rock anthems transcend language boundaries and their powerful performances should not be missed. Red Velvet This year has very few actual K-pop acts attending SXSW, making this girl group's performance at K-Pop Night Out a must-watch for fans of the genre. Produced by Korean music behemoth SM Entertainment, the five members-- Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, Yeri, and Joy-- will combine sleek choreography with saccharine vocals.

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