Top Guidelines For 2015 On Deciding Upon Vital Aspects For Cuisines

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All of Alloras wines were cited by number on the menu, a phenomenon that led me to envision some sort of giant claw machine in the wine cellar programmed to fetch each bottle. The wine connoisseur in our group gave her nod of approval, observing its light body and the way it gripped the tongue with tannic persistence. Our server described the special: a Chilean Sea Bass served over gnocchi. When a member of our party inquired about the specials dairy content, our server was proud to share that Allora operates a scratch kitchen in which any dish can be modified to a guests specifications. He recommended the housemade spaghetti, but applauded the other pasta selections made by local purveyor Marias. We ordered a Mussels appetizer ($17) for the table to share, served in a marinara sauce with pancetta, tomatoes, white wine and fresh garlic bread. Focaccia appeared before us and we passed around garlic-rosemary oil and the remainder of the sauce, too magnificent to leave in our wake. We progressed to our second bottle, the Super Tuscan La Maialina Gertrude ($46), a robust pair for the variety of entrees en route.